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Gnome's Treasure
Developer: Kenlo Group Ltd
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gnome's treasure iphoneA recent release by KenloMobile, Gnome’s Treasure is an adventure puzzle game designed along the lines of Lode Runner. With 40 levels spanning 5 different worlds, Gnome’s Treasure is an extensive mobile platform featuring nice graphics and original sound effects with a few polished touches, but still has a little way to go before winning my heart. But you know how the saying goes, one Gnome’s Treasure is another gnome’s trash – or rather loving this game is simply a matter of perspective.

Gnome’s Treasure stars a fairytale garden gnome who’s goal is to collect a set number of gems for each level as well as the key to the next level before the enemy monsters claim his five lives. Controlling the little gnome, players must outwit the monsters, who try to horde the gems for themselves, find the key and advance to each new level. The premise of Gnome’s Treasure is solid and the levels are well designed, but it's kind of a bummer that this game has already reached its first update and still has some minor flaws.

Some will complain about the virtual joystick controls of Gnome’s Treasure, and while quirky at first, a few minutes of practice will create enough familiarity to make the controls feel natural. The joystick response is accurate enough, but a D-pad option may have broadened its appeal. Still, the gnome reacts appropriately once the controls are mastered. My biggest complaint isn’t uncomfortable controls, but rather instability. Even after restarting my iPhone, I experienced spontaneous shutdown between levels several times. The effort of launching the game again and restarting the level is tedious and unnecessary, so an update to this bug is definitely in order.

Beyond stability issues, Gnome’s Treasure has only minor response flaws, such as lags when disabling a block with the dig buttons. Minor flaws aside though, Gnome’s Treasure does have appeal. Sorting out the approach to gem hunting in each level while avoiding the stalking monsters is entertaining and challenging. Coupled with nice backgrounds, graphics, and sound effects, Gnome’s Treasure is a pleasant platform puzzler.

To decide for yourself if Gnome’s Treasure is worth its weight in gems, you can try Gnome’s Treasure Lite for free. If you enjoy it, you can purchase the full version with all 40 levels.

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  • iphnfans

    From the screenshot, it looks to be funny game. but I currently run a KDE instead.

  • iphone apps

    Gnome’s Treasure Lite for free i enjoy much of the time in just a snap of my finger in my mobile phone.