Gold Bug Vault is Perfect for Gold Fingers

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gold bug vault iphoneIf James Bond hadn't done him in, Auric Goldfinger would have been the first in line to buy Gold Bug Vault, from Sawa Digital.

Gold Bug Vault retrieves gold prices in real time and calculates the worth of your holdings up to nine figures. (If you own more gold than that, I suspect you're reading this review on your iPhone or iPod touch from your yacht or private island.)

Open a drawer in the vault, scroll through two slot-machine-style menus and select the weight and quantity of the gold you own. You have the option of choosing among 16 weights: 1/2 ounce to 400 ounces or 1 gram to 2 kilos. Scroll the second wheel to select a quantity of gold ranging from 0 to 99.

Tap the Done button in the upper right corner and Gold Bug Vault will tally your holdings while generating a gimmicky display of coins or bars as they're being stacked, along with unrealistic sound effects. Tap Close and go back to the gold vault drawer to see the weight and quantity of gold you've just selected. At the bottom of the screen, you'll see the total value of your gold in US dollars.

I selected the highest value of gold (400 oz) and the highest quantity for that weight (12). If I were a really rich man, I would be a happy yidle-diddle-didle-didly man because that amount comes to $4.39 million at today's prices.

The launch screen also features a scrolling news ticker, the current price of gold per gram or ounce, the amount of gold you own, again, in grams and ounces. Tapping the tiny gear icon on the lower right, takes you to a screen where you can select from several currencies and whether to update gold prices every 30 seconds to 5 minutes. Yahoo supplies the gold prices.

Tilt Gold Bug Vault into landscape mode and you'll get a graph of gold prices over a 24-hour period.

In the space of about 5 minutes, the value of my gold went from $4.39 million to $6.74 million. I can't decide whether to hold or sell, but if I were a gold trader or just looking to pawn my wife's stash of jewelry, I'd hold on to this app.

Despite the gimmicky display, overall, Gold Bug Vault is a nice-looking and easy to use app. The gold bug icon on the preferences screen takes you to Sawa's site where you can find help (you probably won't need it, however).

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This app is not currently available in the App Store.

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  • Gerry


    your program is wonderful. It should have a PIN to open it.

    Thank you,

    best regards Gerry

  • dai

    hi, I included pin code function to next update. It is under review by Apple now.

  • Gerry

    many thanks........Gerry

  • dai

    yes we new update is online.
    we added 7 major functions include pin code entrance. please check our app at iTunes App Store. Thanks.