GoLearn Skateboarding: A Pro For Your Pocket

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GoLearn Skateboarding bring tips and tricks to the iPhoneGoLearn Skateboarding Explained - Let's get this out of the way: my knowledge of skateboarding is limited to knowing that Tony Hawk is some kind of bigshot (enough to rate his own video game, at any rate) and the occasional viewing of The X Games on TV when there's nothing else on. I think I stood on a skateboard once about 15 years ago because the boy I liked had one; otherwise, I'm pretty clueless.

However, for those who are into the sport, GoLearn Skateboarding appears to be an excellent resource. The application is the latest in Whagaa's GoLearn series, which consists of training apps for a number of sports- and fitness-related endeavors, including soccer, cycling, hiking and running.

GoLearn Skateboarding bills itself as the first-ever mobile application to combine instructional videos and a GPS Skate Park Locator. There are over 45 videos featuring an assortment of pro skateboarders demonstrating tricks and giving detailed explanations on how to perform them.

Instructional videos are divided into street tricks and park tricks, which are further categorized by type, so there are menus for ollies, flips, curbs, etc. GoLearn Skateboarding includes a safety video in its introduction, and before watching each instructional video, there's a safety reminder.

The Skate Park GPS Locator was very effective, and I learned there's a skate park under three miles from my house. While skaters probably know exactly where their local parks are, it seems like it would be a very handy feature to have while traveling. If I ever need to find somewhere to skate in Tulsa, Oklahoma, I'm all set.

GoLearn Skateboarding worked perfectly for me, and it's well-organized and easy to navigate. The only thing I might suggest is an option to sort the tricks by difficulty level, but otherwise it appears to be a terrific app for skaters.

Here's a sample instructional video from GoLearn Skateboarding Explained, in which Josh Mattson teaches users a trick called a Miller Flip.

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This app is not currently available in the App Store.

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