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Golf Bets
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When I first heard about Golf Bets iPhone app by Golf Bets, I was really excited since some of the guys I golf with can be, lets say, a little loose with the score keeping and wager management. So I was looking forward to having this as my trusty aid that would lead me to my windfall next round.

Once I opened the Golf Bets app I was immediately thinking this is going to be a pain. I’ll have to enter all of this course and slope information. Who has time for that? I looked at what Golf Bets had to offer and weighed it against the effort to get there. What the heck I’ll give it a try.

Once opening Golf Bets, a menu appears with a number of choices: Enter Score, View Card Status. Setup Golf Courses, Setup Players, Setup Round and Information.

I began with the Setup Golf Courses tab, and it turned out to be really easy and took about 5 minutes max. All you really need to do this is have a scorecard handy. Some courses have them online. To set up the course you type the name of the course where prompted. Next you add the tee info i.e. mens, womens, blue, white, rating and slope. Now you’ll have to setup the holes. All you need to do is add the par, handicap for each hole. Done that course is now set up.

To Setup Players all you’ll need to input is name, initials, index or handicap.

The Setup Round tab is the easiest of all. You’ll select the course, players and tees from the information that you’ve already input. Then you select the games you’ll be playing. You have a choice of ten different games to play, such as Best Ball (4 Players), Skins (2-4 Players), and Individual (1-4 Players). Next select Match or Stroke play and number of holes. Now we move to the most important part of the equation, the wager amounts. If you are playing teams you’ll then select the team members. Done, your round is set up.

The Golf Bets App is quick and easy to set up. In fact it’s taken me longer to tell you how to set it up than it take to do so. Playing a round and using the app was really easy. All that was needed was to post the score and follow the prompt for some of the bets. One of the games we played was Bingo Bango Bongo which required noting who was first on the green, closest to the pin, and first to hole out. Simple, with the prompt all I had to do was tap the box that applied next to a player’s name. An X was entered in the box. Golf Bets app did the rest.

At the conclusion of our round we didn’t need to wait for anyone’s slow, questionable addition. The totals were there and the amounts won or lost was readily available. Golf Bets app is a must have for those of you that enjoy a friendly wager or two when out on the links. If not for the wager it still makes for a great scorekeeper. Too good in fact as I did not see my windfall and had to dig deep into my pocket for those that did.

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