Google AdWord Advertisers Have a New Campaign for the iPhone


Monday, the Google mobile ads team launched a program for Google AdWords advertisers to place their text and image ads on the iPhone, T-Mobile G1 and other mobile devices equipped with fully functional Web browsers. The ads of existing AdWords customers can now point to desktop landing pages and they don't need to create mobile landing pages or ads in mobile formats, Google's mobile team says on its official blog.

This announcement follows one in mid-November in which the mobile team announced that Google's search engine results have been optimized for the iPhone.

Adwords advertisers have the option of extending their AdWords campaigns from the desktop to the iPhone and other mobile devices, creating campaigns especially for the mobile devices and obtaining separate campaign performance reporting, the Google mobile team says.

Advertisers who are currently running AdWords campaigns will see their ads on the iPhone and other mobile devices, by default, in addition to those already on desktop and laptop computers. Advertisers may opt out of the mobile program at any time, Google says.

AdWords advertisers who want to target their ads for iPhone and mobile device users can set up their mobile campaigns using their AdWords accounts.  After logging in, advertisers should choose the "Device Platform" option under "Networks and Bidding" and select "iPhones and other mobile devices with full Internet browsers."

Google's AdWords Help Center has more detailed instructions. A YouTube video also explains the program's details:

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