Google Gives iPhone Users New Ways to Interact


google optimized for iphoneGoogle has made a number of significant changes to the way iPhone users can interact with Google and its Web products such as Gmail and Calendar.

Faster Gmail: Gmail is faster thanks to pre-fetching and auto-complete. Type only the first few keys of an email address and Google will automatically fill in the rest. Gmail also automatically reloads all your most recent messages, which means you no longer have to refresh the page.

Custom tabs on Go to on your iPhone, tap "More" on the menu at the top of the screen followed by "Change tabs" and select the three mobile products (Gmail, Calendar, Reader etc.) you use most often.

Enhanced Calendar. Calendar is better optimized for the iPhone so it loads faster and has a month view.

iGoogle personalization: There's a new iPhone-optimized version of  iGoogle that enables you to personalize your page with a variety of modules. Click on the iGoogle link from the home page or go to iGoogle.

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  • Tom Munro

    This is a great application . I reaqlly like the way the application can notify me when changes are made to my calendar. It offers options for notification.

  • Tommyrocks

    Amazing how this works with my subcontractors. Planning, communication, fire fighting. It makes it so much easier