The Search for Google's Mobile Search App with Voice is On


google mobile search appThe news broke late last week that Google would launch it's much-anticipated Google Mobile App for iPhone with Voice Search, perhaps on Friday. As of  late Sunday afternoon EST the app has yet to debut in the App Store. Now, the latest word is that it will be released sometime today. Just when it will be available as a free download is hard to say, but whenever that is, many people believe the wait will have been worth it.

After you launch Google's mobile app, it senses the iPhone's motion as you lift it to your ear and readies itself to begin recording. Wait for the beep and then speak your search query into the phone. When you're done speaking, Google's mobile app automatically converts your speech into a digital file and begins searching Google for whatever it is you're looking for. No buttons. No typing. No lie.

The app and iPhone is location-aware so that if you're in San Francisco and you ask to find movie theaters and show times, your results will be for places nearby. The same is true if you're in Wasilla, Alaska, assuming they have movie theaters there.

The mobile app also talks to other Google apps, enabling you, for example, to launch Google mail.

The only thing Google Mobile App for iPhone with Voice Search can't tell you is when you can get it. Meanwhile, this YouTube video demonstrating the app in action will satiate your craving search-by-voice for at least a few minutes:

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  • MaxxineStamos

    This might be the best app to come out yet

  • ChelseeW

    The geo-targeting feature is genius. I can't wait to get it

  • kkstern

    Google and Apple are by far the most innovative companies in the United States. It's great to see them team up like this to provide the world with such better ways to live