GoSanta! Brings the Holiday Spirit But it Doesn't Last

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Developer: Konstantinos Eleftheriou
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gosanta iphone appThe GoSanta! app by developer Great Apps is a Christmas-themed arcade game with a fun holiday soundtrack.

GoSanta is simple and easy to pick up for the young and old. The evil Grinch has stolen all of Santa's Christmas presents and all of the kids will be sad if Santa does not get them back. The goal therefore is to collect as many presents in as little time possible.

The player can move Santa through using the accelerometer, which lets him go forward as well as backward and increases his speed depending on the tilt level of the iPhone. While collecting gifts the player needs to avoid obstacles like Christmas trees, snowmen, and gingerbread men. But other objects like hearts and clocks will give bonus points and allow more time for the task.

GoSanta is cute and fun at first but it gets repetitive and its replay value is questionable. The 25 levels become increasingly harder but the background theme stays similar and the challenges get harder but don't provide much versatility in gameplay or graphics. An added challenge is the built-in level generator, which will open up more levels if a perfect score is achieved.

GoSanta's controls are well developed and work intuitively. Well-developed animation and great Christmas music (from "Jingle Bells" to "Santa Claus is coming to Town") further add to the Christmas mood and make this app a fun distraction in tune with the holiday spirit but it nevertheless falls short of being truly addictive or challenging.

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  • Kostas

    I think this is addictive the same way a simpler game like Labyrinth is. As for the challenge, try beating the game 100% :)

  • Tom

    I found it really fun to. It is the best Christmas game on the iPhone from my point of view. My kids loved it !