GottaDash Lets You Customize Fake Calls

This app is not currently available in the App Store.

gottadash iphone fake callGottaDash is a premium fake caller app that offers simple and easy-to-use functions. Unlike some other fake-call apps like Wingman or Exit Strategy, GottaDash lets you customize your calls with several selections.

You simply select from seven different ringtones (including a vibrate option), choose how long the ring should last, and finally set the timer for when the fake-call is supposed to come in. Additionally GottaDash lets you choose from seven different wallpapers. Both wallpapers and the length of the ring have to be selected in the iPhone's system settings.

All of these choices sound great and at first it seems like GottaDash has one up on many other fake call apps. But using GottaDash quickly uncovers its shortcomings. The selected wallpaper is on the screen of the iPhone before and during the fake call and when the "end call" button is hit, the screen goes back to the GottaDash selections. Furthermore the ringtone selection could be diversified since none of the seven options sound like typical iPhone ringtones.

The idea of providing options to create the nature of your fake call seems great but the options GottaDash offers leave a lot of room for improvement and the use of the wallpapers is clumsy in its development.

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This app is not currently available in the App Store.

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  • kkstern

    Another fake caller app? Do people really need to lie this often about people calling them or where they need to "go"?

  • Roxy

    Yes, Stern that's right. Sadly people do

  • DominoFect

    Hilarious this app only for a 4 out of 10. How many of these are going to come out? "hey I gotta dash" lol. You don't really need a fake call just to say that