GPhone Emulator Released


gphone emulator released

Want to see what android looks and feels like? Now you can. Here's the link to the GPhone Emulator TMobile's HDC phone emulator running Android.

First impressions of the GPhone Emulator: much cleaner design than i would have expected. The initial desktop look on the emulator feels corny, like a bad version of windows, but its clear that the "bones" are solid. Navigating between screens makes heavy use of a "back" button, which is extremely handy, and something that would have been useful in the iPhone. Overall the GPhone Emulator looks like this is a very solid first attempt -- better than I expected, and something that will give Apple a run for its money.

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    I checked it out. Definitely not blown away by this. This is by far one of the ugliest devices I've seen in a while. I am however excited about Android as a platform. This demo is far from polished and probably shouldn't even have been released from a marketing standpoint due to all of the, "This screen is not functional" messages.