Young Kids Get Cookin' with Letters and Numbers in Grandma's Kitchen

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Grandma's Kitchen
Developer: Fairlady Media, Inc.
Price: $1.99 Download on the App Store

Grandma's Kitchen iPhoneFairlady Media’s newest title, Grandma’s Kitchen, is an educational app for young children ages 4 to 7 that combines learning skills with a kitchen theme. Players are offered seven different games to play that focus on basic learning skills that take place in Grandma’s kitchen. Each game is geared towards young children, has simple-to-follow directions patiently given by “Grandma” herself and involves touch screen manipulation that is easy for little fingers to manage.

Grandma’s Kitchen is riddled with kitchen-themed games that reinforce early learning skills such as recognizing patterns and differences, creating compound words, alphabetical order and identifying consonant blends, but it also makes an attempt to break up any monotony by offering mini games and activities. Baking and decorating a cake, washing dishes and grabbing fresh fruit and veggies from the fridge are some of the mini-game activities included just for fun.

Though the educational content of Grandma’s Kitchen is somewhat random, each game was clearly designed to appeal to its target audience and engage kids in short, simple activities that support basic learning skills. Some of the activities are stronger than others, but for the most part, they are age-appropriate and meet the requirement of blending education with entertainment. Unfortunately, there is no game menu for children to select their favorite games, as the games just randomly generate with the “play” button and continue generating until they are done playing. Parents can, however, toggle individual games on or off from within the “settings” menu.

Grandma's Kitchen is a somewhat light-weight, but still nicely managed early learning game that provides just enough educational and entertainment value. Used in conjunction with other educational apps, Grandma’s Kitchen would make a good addition to a Pre-K and Kindergarten learning library on any iOS device. The title completes a trilogy of Fairlady Media games featuring Grandma and/or Grandpa in the garden, the workshop and now the kitchen.

The launch sale of Grandma’s Kitchen has the app for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad selling for $0.99, which is about the right value price point. It isn’t quite content-rich enough to make the jump to $1.99 so if you’re looking to build an early learning library, grab it on sale while you can!

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  • tonya1026

    This looks like so much fun! Kids love to cook. It would be fun for them to create the same kind of meal or snack that they will be eating that day.

    Tonya Simmons