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Gratitude Journal ~ the original!
Developer: Colin White
Price: $1.99 Download on the App Store

Most people are generally too busy to stop and smell the roses. Well why make time when you have that help you smell them so to speak? Gratitude Journal is a convenient way to remind ourselves about what we should be thankful for each day. Users merely tap several things they are thankful for directly into the application, listing each thought as a different entry.

You can enter information for up to thirty days and even add a photo to your entry as a reminder.  Gratitude Journal allows you to rate your entries as well as share them with friends. After each entry you’re left with an inspirational quote. If you’re worried about keeping your information private, the app comes password protected so you can keep your entries to yourself.

Want another reason to be grateful? The developers have been generous enough to donate 10 percent of all profits from this download to charity according to their website.

Using Gratitude Journal is similar to using the note pad function of your phone. List what you like and it appears as a simple note to you. Not only are you able to list your entry by day but you can rate it on a scale of 1 star to 5 stars.

Visually the app is clean and the user-friendly interface is simple to get use to. Using Gratitude Journal is better than leaving notes or stickies for yourself because your ideas are all in one place. This makes it easier to track and easier to share.

While the app will surely bring a little more joy into the lives of those who choose to download it, it would be nice if it had a few more features. First, if you want to add a picture to an entry you must take a new one you can’t use one from the photo album. Second, it would be nice to update an old entry without making it an entirely new entry. It has a fair amount of background selections and the quotes are tasteful and inspiring.

If we had any recommendations it would be to add more adult and neutral themes or backgrounds. Some of them feel a little bit "young." But with its functionality and 99 cents price tag it's worth trying out.

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  • carla

    Thank you for mentioning Gratitude Journal. And for your suggestions!

    The newest release allows users to select a picture from their library.

    I'm not sure why you didn't have any luck editing an entry. hmmm...I've never had that happen to me before. Thanks for the heads up. I'll certainly look into it!