The Graveyard for iPhone Apps


graveyard for iphone apps
One Mac developer, Peter Hosey, has assembled what he calls is a list of "every application that Apple has killed, along with the reason that they stated for doing so, and what has happened to the app since". The list contains exactly ten entries, including the infamous "i am rich" app. Its hard to imagine that only ten apps have been denied from the AppStore, but the list is worth perusing...

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  • Neal H

    Interesting list....I can see why a lot of them were removed.

  • Tyler Durden

    Surprisingly there are apps on the app store that should have been thrown out. I have seen some of the dumbest apps in the world, what Apple's criteria for accepting apps is, I have no idea.

  • Tucker E.

    Yet we have 5 or 6 concert lighter apps? wtf apple....