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Grocery iQ
Developer: Free State Labs, LLC
Price: free Download on the App Store

grocery iqThe best utility apps are those that have proven themselves to be extremely functional aka time saving. Grocery IQ falls into this category by simplifying the often tedious and cumbersome task of grocery shopping.

Grocery IQ allows users to make a grocery list using its seemingly infinite database of store items. Users can enter brand, price, quantity and item location into the grocery app. If you have a partner that's in charge of the shopping, you can even share the list via email. Our favorite features of this handy Grocery IQ app are the organization of the list by aisle and the email function.

There are a couple of drawbacks. Currently Grocery IQ doesn't have the ability to manage multiple lists. Also, it doesn't keep track of the last time an item was purchased or allow users to customize the item's size. Hopefully, in version 1.1 the developer will add these features.

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  • matt

    I just actually came home from my first time using (shopping) with this app and I must say it was a pleasure to use and well worth the money.

  • redDawg

    I've used this application for over 2 weeks and find it powerful and at the same time very easy to use. Using the ability to reorder aisles has actually saved me time at the store. The way they handle favorites is a big time saver when building my list. I highly recommend this app and @ $1.99 how can you go wrong.

  • Laura Schofield

    You might want to consult for accessing prices from your local grocer. Pretty inclusive directory.

  • JoshPratt79

    I think this app should be free. Anyone else????

  • Matthew.e

    I personally think 1.99 for such a well thought out app is a good price.

    Its just over the price of a cup a coffee, i cant argue with that.

  • Technical Granddad

    You "think it should be free?" You think people should not get paid for their work!

    This is a great app.

  • HowieB

    It would be nice if you could create grocery lists from recipes, but other than that I like this program.

  • Ron

    Have HP Printer but does not show up when I do print, says to make sure WIFI printer is on, my iPod Touch is in my wireless network but I can't get it to print coupons, any ideas?

  • TracyW

    I prefer Grocery Gadget, primarily for the ability to create a list on the PC. Create a list on the PC and it automatically syncs with the iPhone. And, since I shop for home-bound people without Mobile phones Grocery Gadget is awesome. They can even see real-time the grocery items that I have added to my cart. The ability to have several separate lists is great.

  • Eric

    List sharing does not work at all in this app. It's been broken for at least a couple months too. So unless you live alone or don't want to let your husband update the list when he eats stuff, then this app is pretty much useless. Back to a notepad on the fridge until we find an app that actually works as advertised.