Grove Keeper Empowers Grandpa to Save World with Magic

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Grove Keeper
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Grove Keeper for iOS

Grove Keeper now available for download.

At first glance, taking your grandpa and his friends to war to protect the world in just their skivvies and long gray hear and beards is a daunting task. Add in magical powers over natural elements such as rocks and shrubs and now you have a battle plan called Grove Keeper. At its core, your primary goal is to use your group’s magical powers to manipulate your surroundings to defeat what looks to be a feverish little horde of savages.

They aren’t your normal sticks and stones savages either. They come complete with throwing stars straight out of the latest ninja flick and they make haste ensuring your task at hand is even more challenging.

After you’ve downloaded the Grove Keeper and before you start your magical ride through a very expansive and intense battle heavy world, make sure to login to Game Center to take advantage of the high score leaderboards. You also have the ability to unlock up to 40 achievements such as “The Starter” for clearing chapter one as well as “Ninja Master” for reflecting 20,000 enemy weapons. Trust me, with the fury of enemies after you, it won’t be long before you’re a legit ninja warrior.

Once you've setup Grove Keeper on Game Center and have had time to see what achievements are available, be sure to click on the Encyclopedia tab to read about the different characters of the game. For instance, Master, who you start the game with is very old, but posses a fair amount of magical ability. You’ll also notice shadowed characters who you’ll soon meet and have join your team as well as enemies, who from their large shadows, look very intimidating. You should be scared at this point.

For those of you who love a good story, select this mode in Grove Keeper to battle your way through 80 levels, several very large and aggressive bosses, and eight lovely sceneries from a wasteland to the lush rain forest.

Along the way, you’ll be able unlock several different spells, including the rock shield spell. You start out with this spell, which allows you to break the big boulder into a barrage of tiny rocks into a shield from enemy’s thrown objects. When used properly, their objects are blocked back into them for kill points. As the story progresses, directing the objects becomes more difficult. Be aware, these rocks do not block the enemies from reaching your fort. However, thrust down and the rock explodes to vanquish your enemies.

Continue on throughout the story unlocking more battle buddies, magic abilities, treacherous hordes of bad guys and very challenging bosses for a fun-filled and action packed story that will keep you coming back for more.

After several levels, the Last Stand mode will be unlocked where you will be put to the ultimate test of battling through almost the impossible. You’ll find yourself replaying each level more than a few times.

The one aspect of the game I felt was missing was how cramped the playing field felt. I found myself fumbling over my own thumbs trying to redirect, block and overcome enemy attacks. However, I did find that part of the fun too.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for a defend your fort type game that is both entertaining and challenging, then Grover Keeper is a must have app for you. But be warned, it’s not easy and you may find yourself losing a bit of sleep trying to finish the game.

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