Guitar Rock Tour is a new contender for the rhythm-action title.

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Guitar Rock Tour - Few mobile game developers have garnered as much respect and notoriety as Gameloft. By being the principal game provider for Motorola and others, it has become the EA of the mobile gaming industry. And just like EA, when Gameloft is set to release a new game, people listen.

This time around it’s Guitar Rock Tour, a Guitar Hero clone for the iPhone. In fact, Guitar Rock Tour was originally designed for the Java platform and enjoyed success in its early days. The iPhone port sees added features, higher quality image and sound and a larger selection of tracks, all thanks to the iPhone larger screen, bigger processing power and more ample storage space.

Guitar Rock Tour starts off with a rich, detailed intro video, which leads to a menu that looks cut directly out of Guitar Hero. The same goes for most of the design elements, including the gameplay layout, which is all Guitar Hero from the get-go. Ditto for the background performance while playing a track — the skulls and the grunge/dirt look everywhere all scream copy-paste. However, let's not forgot, Gameloft isn’t trying to hide the fact that this game is a clone; they want the buzz around Guitar Hero to rub off onto them.

In any case, the gameplay is, as one would expect from a game with a sizable budget, flawless. The tracks are all high quality and offer a great, diversified mix of genres. After playing a few tracks I quickly realized, this was no Guitar Hero rip-off.

As it happens, this game is a Tap Tap Revenge clone covered in a Guitar Hero skin, which in no way takes away from the fact that we’re talking about a great game. If you come in expecting Guitar Rock Tour to be every bit as addicting and fun as the console legend, then you will be disappointed. However, if you’re looking for a harder-edged, more rock-driven version of Tap Tap, than go ahead and get Guitar Rock Tour now.

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This app is not currently available in the App Store.

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