Gyrotate – Line 'em up, and Take 'em out for Endless Fun

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Developer: GoosTrix Ltd
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gyrotate-iphone-appWander through the App Store and you’ll find an ever-increasing list of puzzle games, many of which seem eerily familiar. Like a seven-year itch in December, playing the same old games starts to lack a certain spark. Gyrotate by Goos Trix Ltd. may be one app that will keep your thoughts more on playing the game and less on what you might be missing in the App Store.

Gyrotate is simple to play. It consists of four rotating rows of objects and all you have to do is match 4 or more pieces of the same color by rotating the rows or layers. Each color has a quota you’ll need to meet before you can move on to the next level.

Sounds simple but as you advance the quota increases and the time allowed decreases. Designed with three skill levels, (easy, normal, or hard), Gyrotate is sure to challenge even the most skilled puzzle player. Beyond the skill levels there are also a few extra pieces that appear during your play that make the game more difficult and challenging at times. The locks, bombs, and clocks require you to use more strategy than just lining up colors during play.

Gyrotate is similar to other puzzle games for sure. Bejeweled, Gemmed and reMovem immediately come to mind. But those are puzzle games that I find extremely favorable among the slew of games available. If you are a fan of those types of puzzle games, then you will be assured some great solitary time with Gyrotate. With its retro-look, neon colors, and rotating rows you may even be hard pressed to put it down.

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