Haiku Deck is Ideal for Simplistic Presentations With Artistic Impact

Haiku Deck - Presentation and Slideshow App with Beautiful Charts and Graphs (AppStore Link)
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Haiku Deck - Presentation and Slideshow App with Beautiful Charts and Graphs
Developer: Haiku Deck, Inc
Price: free Download on the App Store

haiku deckThere’s good news for those who like to inspire others through their creativity and technological prowess. Haiku Deck, a simple, but effective slide show creator app for iPad is getting a bit of praise and because it’s a free app, anyone can try it with no investment but their time. Haiku Deck lets users effortlessly create simple slide shows and then share them with one or many. The premise of this app is to effortlessly build a simplistic slide show and thanks to its simplistic design, Haiku Deck requires essentially no previous experience with presentation software and instead offers a quick, easy way to build one.

Some of the features that Haiku Deck offers users include the ability to search tons of images based on a single query. While users can opt to upload their own camera roll photos to use, the plethora of images available to match a wide range of topics helps speed up the creation process. For slides where no photos are necessary, slide the “use image” feature to off and choose between one of five plain background colors. Text can be inserted to each slide based on a selection of 14 different text box layout options. There are also five different native themes to choose from, which essentially change the font of the text.

While Haiku Deck allows for quick and simple slide show creations, with only three basic options – text, image and layout – it allows for only rudimentary presentations. However, this doesn’t mean the options for Haiku Deck are limited. In fact, quite the opposite is true.

To get a feel for what you can expect, here's a popular Deck from the folk's at Haiku featuring some of their favorite iPad apps from 2012.


With a creative mind, the possibilities are quite varied. Haiku Deck can be used to create personalized greetings or invitations to share by email. Or develop your own collection of daily inspirations in the form of a slide and share on Facebook or via Twitter. Basically, anywhere a short bit of text will serve, Haiku Deck can enhance it and no skills are necessary.

In addition to the five standard native themes, there are additional “premium” themes that can be purchased in app. Those with a serious eye for design may find the added options essential, but most people can make do with the standard options. In fact, it’s the simplicity of Haiku Deck that will appeal to its users. There’s not a great deal of fluff, which is limiting in terms of design, but for super simple and quick slide creation that looks classy, Haiku Deck is a great option.

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    If you're into using PowerPoint or PDFs that you already made on your PC/Mac you can try Presentation Note: http://bit.ly/UnI7Mb

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    You can also show previously made PowerPoints and Keynote presentations wirelessly using the Electric Slide app (www.electricslide.net).