Halloween Picture Haunt: Entertain Your Brains Zombie-style

A Halloween Picture Haunt (AppStore Link)
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A Halloween Picture Haunt
Developer: Eric Chung
Price: $0.99 Download on the App Store

halloween picture haunt iPhone gamePhoto hunt games are all the rage. Kids and adults can be equally entertained by these simple image challenges where you compare two pics side by side to find the differences. Halloween Picture Haunt is a holiday-themed version of the popular game with simple graphics and few fun twists to keep users engaged.

Halloween Picture Haunt for the iPhone and iPod Touch has 45 levels with either 3 or 4 differences — easy enough for children to enjoy. To make the picture hunt more challenging for adults turn on the timer and turn off the "unlimited lives" feature. Music and random visits from spooky spiders round out the feature set.

Halloween Picture Haunt is a good distraction for those that enjoy these types of games. The graphics are a little bit cheesy, but completely adequate for a game that's only meant to be enjoyed one month out of the year.

Image Gallery: A Halloween Picture Haunt

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