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Halloween WordSearch
Developer: FinBlade Ltd
Price: free Download on the App Store

Halloween Wordsearch gameHalloween Wordsearch is one of those self-explanatory apps that easily delivers. It's a simple wordsearch with a spooky holiday theme that has just enough words and graphics to occupy you through the end of the month.

Halloween Wordsearch has 3 different backgrounds and a double handful of words such as ghost, entombed, witch, zombie, creature, etc. Sound adds a nice bonus — each time you find a word there's an audible reward of haunted organ music. All of this can be controlled through the main menu which also includes a timer-feature for those that like a little extra challenge.

The free app is supported by ads which appear unobtrusively between levels with a small button allowing you to click through for more information or continue your game.

Halloween Wordsearch is well done. There aren't enough word combinations or graphic choices to make this a long-term toy. But as a themed app it's not meant to be a keeper. See the game for what it is, a free diversion perfect for a few weeks of fun.

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  • Tyler Durden

    I love word searches...they can be really challenging which makes them all the more fun!