Headwar Zero Brings an Amazing Storyline in a New and Cool Way

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HeadWar Zero
Developer: Team Blue Banana
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If you're like the vast majority of puzzle players out there, there's a good chance you've had about enough of games like Bejeweled. Simple and addictive, match-three copy-cat games abound. I'm looking for a game to take this genre to a new level, complete with story and meaning. So, I was excited to try Headwar Zero, a match-three game with a  backstory that takes players into the heart of an all-out war for the sake of their people.

Just others in this field, Headwar Zero is all about making matches — in this case from a variety of interesting heads! Match up combos, use specials, and reach a "Clear" score as fast as possible. Do it all in the name of Arundel, to defeat your enemies and bring justice to your people. While these sorts of in-game stories are often far-fetched, Headwar Zero is still up there as pretty strange. Still, the clips and animated slides are a great way to enjoy a full-on story without becoming immersed in a full RPG. 

Gameplay in Headwar Zero is pretty straightforward. You match up heads of all shapes and colors into correct groups, and earn points. Each game is a race against the clock and you have to reach a minimum score before time expires. You can also use a "SPECIAL" power to help you score up more quickly and perhaps save you when the time cuts short. It's all rather simple — the devs seemed to show off the story while not trying anything too original in the gameplay department.

In the end, the game features a unique storyline (though a bit weird) that is interesting and fun to get into, especially if you're the kind of person who likes Sci-Fi. While it's a bit "fish out of water," given how strange it is to have a storyline in a matching game, the devs work hard to make it fit. Some parts of the game (such as quirky animations in the gameplay) need polish, but Headwar Zero is nonetheless an excellent choice if you're ready to match something besides jewels.

Headwar Zero is available on all iOS devices running 4.0 or later.

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