Health Cubby Connects Friends for Tracking Fitness Goals

This app is not currently available in the App Store.

health cubby iphoneHealth Cubby is a social fitness app from App Cubby. Health Cubby allows you to set your fitness goals on your iPhone and follow your own progress as well as the progress of your friends. This app does not support the tedious task of calorie counting, which is fine by me.

Health Cubby is not particularly inspiring by itself. Yes, you can track goals for how much exercise you plan to do, how many pounds or inches you want to lose and how many vices you would like to indulge in per week.

It seems that the inspiration and encouragement is meant to come mostly from your friends, assuming they also use Health Cubby. Because this program syncs to an online database, you can see how up to seven friends are doing in achieving their own goals, for example, who skipped another workout or who had too many cookies this week.

For an app with such a simple premise, the interface is extremely complicated. Though I referenced the extensive online user manual, I had difficulty navigating between the pages and figuring out what I was supposed to input where for who. Even after using Health Cubby for a few days, I still struggled to find my way around it. There are a few nice touches to the program: one is a weight loss graph. If you are competitive, you can track your friends on the graph as well. You can also export data via email into Excel.

I am not convinced that the Health Cubby app keeps track of anything that I do not already track in my own head. Maybe it would be fun to use in conjunction with friends, if you can get them to spend $9.99.

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This app is not currently available in the App Store.

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  • Mitch Olson

    I'm a Health Cubby user & I love it. I think I trawled thru every single app in the app store that was remotely related to tracking exercise, weight & measurements. I reviewed & bought a number of apps to help me with my New Years get-healthy-get-thinner-get-fitter resolutions.

    I started with the popular Weightbot, but it didn't allow me to track any more than weight, so gave up on that (beautiful but shallow). I tried the web site with iphone-optimized website, but found it didn't give a very good iphone-centric experience plus was just a bit clunky for my liking. I tried iShape but its strength is in counting food intake / calories (what a bore). I finally came across Health Cubby & have been using for 6 weeks now & love it.

    I set weekly goals for exercise (5x/week), weight loss (-0.5kg/wk) & measurements (reducing my waistline -0.7cm/wk) & Health Cubby helps me track my progress. I don't use the social features or meals/vice tracking but I think they are excellent features for people that are. The strength to my mind in Health Cubby is that the author has created an app that (I personally find) is easy to use, is well structured, & attractive. I also get the sense that he has that other x-factor that I hope for in any app I buy, which is an ongoing commitment to its evolution & refinement.

    My inspiration comes from setting goals & achieving them & in helping me to do these things Health Cubby is a total winner. Thanks to Health Cubby I am doing a better job than ever to achieve my well-being goals.