Hear Planet: This Audio Tour Guide is Slightly Off Its Axis

HearPlanet (Lite): Audio Guide to the World (AppStore Link)
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HearPlanet (Lite): Audio Guide to the World
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hear planet iphoneHearPlanet Inc. bills their HearPlanet iPhone app as the Worlds First Talking Tour Guide for your cell phone! Sometimes being the first is not necessarily the best position to be in. While Hear Planet is a wonderful concept much fine-tuning is definitely needed to have this planet rotating properly.

I enjoy exploration and I’ve been known to frequently wander off the beaten path in search of a new discovery. When I saw the Hear Planet app I knew this would be a perfect addition to my iPhone. Hear Planet would be the answer to solving such mysteries as the history of an old abandoned factory or directing me to unfound treasures. I would have the choice of either reading it on my iPhone, or have this knowledge imparted upon me via an audio broadcast, similar to the headsets I rented at the museum. I’ll have access to all of this tourist information, (as Hear Planet touts), by “leaving those bulky tour books behind.”

The upside to Hear Planet is that it contains an amazing amount of information, that seem to be primarily sourced from Wikipedia. I found this app to often contain much more information on a location than I needed or even wanted at times. So everyone should be able to obtain some knowledge from a particular location. The option of reading the information or listening to the audio is very nice. The ability, via the geolocation, to have Hear Planet identify your current location and provide you with points of interests close to you is a handy feature to especially if you’re just out exploring and don’t have exact addresses to search.

The Downside to Hear Planet is in the application of the features. The audio just doesn’t flow well. It’s obviously a computer-generated voice program which is tolerable, but the flow at times is a little annoying. I found Hear planet to load very slow at times, so slow that I just gave up. Several times while using the search function it failed to locate well-known points of interests.

Also, I found the geolocation feature to be sketchy at best. Let’s just say I was only able to get it to work immediately the first time I used it. Subsequently, it has only worked twice and after spending up to 10 to 15 minutes trying over and over to get it to work. And the last location it used as my current location remains, even though I’ve been back home for four days and I’m twenty-five miles away. I still cannot get it to locate my current location.

The current version of Hear Planet is a little too buggy for me. Hopefully they work out the few problems I incurred because I would be happy to have Hear Planet handy the next time I venture off the path.

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