Entertaining Hearing Test Doubles as an Accurate Age Predictor

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Hearing Test
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Want to feel that you are losing your hearing? Then Hearing Test is the right app for you. It plays tones at eight different frequencies that are broken down by which age groups should normally be able to hear them. It starts with 8000 Hz, which supposedly all people can hear. It then goes all the way down to 18-year-olds and below, which are supposed to hear tones at a frequency of 20,000 Hz.

Fortunately there is a warning that this is not a diagnostic test, but simply for "entertainment purposes only." Otherwise it might flip some people out when it turns out they fail the hearing test for their age group. Or there are those overachievers (like me) who wanted to be able to hear the sound from the 18 and below category even though I am...not 18.

Hearing Test is pretty easy to use. Tap on each of the icons and you will (hopefully) hear a high-toned pitch. On one level I was only able to hear a clicking sound. Then as I moved down the age categories I was able to hear nothing at all. Fortunately I was within my age range. Beyond the hearing tests there is an "about" page that gives some background on people's hearing and reminds users not to take the results too seriously.

Perhaps Hearing Test would make a good "dog whistle" to summon teenagers or young children while adults could not hear the sound. Or this was programmed by Santa, who put in the same magic ingrediants as the bell at the end of the Polar Express that can only be heard by children. Either way, Hearing Test leads to a bit of fun as you can test the hearing of yourself and friends and family members. But of course don't take Hearing Test too seriously — unless you find yourself wondering why you can't hear any of the hearing tests.

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