Heavy Mach: Shoot 'em Up Game Brings the Heat!

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heavy mach iphoneHeavy Mach - Putting out a game that's a tank shooter is serious business. With the amazing longevity that iShoot has had near the top of the App Store rankings, the gauntlet has definitely been thrown down for anyone looking to step onto their turf.

IndieAn (cool name btw!) has confidently arrived to bring some competition to the party. Heavy Mach is a frenetic shooter that puts you in charge of a tank to wreck havoc on anything that moves. But can it deliver the explosive power needed to blast past iShoot in App Store charts? 

Let me break down the basics for Heavy Mach. You control what I consider to be one of the most nimble and athletic tanks ever put in a video game. Not only can you fire off all kinds of explosive weapons, but you can double jump, dash backwards and forwards while maintaining a high degree of mobility.

You have tons of weapons at your disposal, and blowing up enemies drops ammo that powers your weapons. I like the variety in weapons as you have options such as machine guns, airborne missiles, and bombs amongst other tools to blow stuff up. You’ll need all those attributes too because the stages are loaded with bad guys ready to turn your tank into scrap metal. As enemies are killed and weapon drops are picked up, you get options to upgrade your tank that affect shooting, defense, and mobility. New abilities like double jumping and dashing are a couple of the upgrades that you get to leverage as you advance in Heavy Mach.

Heavy Mach controls great which makes playing through the side scrolling levels very fun. Tilting your iPhone makes the tank go left or right, and pressing on a lever in the bottom left corner of the screen triggers the tank jump. Tapping an on screen button cycles through your weapons, and firing at enemies is as simple as selecting a direction on the screen which triggers assaults on your enemies. In essence, you forget about the controls while playing Heavy Mach, which is a huge testament to how good the guys at IndieAn nailed the controls.

The engine powering Heavy Mach is solid as a tank. The graphics are busy and filed with all kinds of effects and explosions that litter the battlefield continuously. There are never any drops in frame rate which is key for a game like this that heavily depends on motion controls. I wish there were more variety and activity in the backgrounds on the different levels, but it’s not a huge issue.

As much as I love Heavy Mach, there is one thing that prevents me from giving it the ultimate tribute with a perfect score. That would be the fact that playing through the levels gets monotonous at times. For as long as this game is — 6 main missions with 4-5 subsections in each — Heavy Mach doesn’t continually evolve to keep providing new wrinkles to the experience. It may be just me, but I got a “been there, done that” feeling at times as I progressed through the game's levels.

That one bit aside, Heavy Mach is an awesome game in nearly every way. It’s only a buck right now, so it’s a no-brainer purchase for all action and shooter fans out there.

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This app is not currently available in the App Store.

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