Hellfire: Cold War Helicopter Gunship is Action on Your iPhone

Hellfire - Exciting Helicopter Combat (AppStore Link)
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Hellfire - Exciting Helicopter Combat
Developer: Astraware Limited
Price: $2.99 Download on the App Store

Hellfire - Helicopter game for iPhonw

Hellfire brings back the days of the Cold War as you guide a helicopter gunship through enemy territory on a clandestine mission.

Hellfire begins with your choice of either an American or Soviet helicopter to take into battle. You load up your retro ship and head off into such Cold War hot spots as Poland and Alaska. (OK, not quite hot spots, but hey it's a video game). The mission: blow up enemy tanks and choppers while rescuing your troops that are being held prisoner. Hellfire tries to simulate the helicopter experience as much as possible by having you control the chopper through pushing, pulling, and swirving your iPhone/iPod Touch. The controls are quite responsive and make the game a pleasure to play. Your altitude is controlled by a virtual lever which you will need to drop to the ground and rescue the hostages.

Firing is also well done by tapping on a virtual button provided on the screen. You are armed with three weapons — two different types of missiles and one set of guns. One button changes out the weapons, while another fires. There is also a small radar on screen to point out where the enemies are. The helicopter is also guided by a giant arrow that points where to fly. This was quite helpful at directing me to the action - especially since there was quite a distance sometimes between enemies.

One awkward bit is that each round begins with the same amount of ammunition, even though in later missions you could use some extra firepower. Also, some games offer some sort of way to pause the game by double tapping or tapping with two fingers on screen. Fortunately, if you close Hellfire it will offer you the option of restarting the game from your last point.

The graphics in Hellfire are good and mix up the environment based on where the mission is. There are also several levels of difficulty to keep you challenged beyond just a few rounds of playing. Hellfire is a worthy app for anyone looking for some military action.

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