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helloCards (eCards Greeting Cards)
Developer: Luxious Labs
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hellocards iphonehelloCards - If you find the concept of electronic greeting cards useful, or even preferable, then what could be better than an app that lets you create and send one right from your iPhone? Along the same lines as HiCard Suite, helloCards by Luxious Labs features numerous categories of ecards that can be personalized and sent right from your iPhone.

helloCards covers just about every occasion, from the traditional “Get Well,” “Thank You,” and “Birthday” categories to more obscure categories like “About Last Night” and “Thinking of You.” There’s also holiday greetings for Valentine’s, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, and New Year, or you can create your own from a selection of “Blank Slates.”

The unique thing about helloCards is the ability to insert a photo from your iPhone’s photo gallery. Once inserted, the photo can be edited to the extent of rotating an image and dragging it to center in the display window of the card. Many of the ready-made designs feature two versions — one for including a photo and one for text only, but it’s the ability to add photos that makes helloCards stand out. You can literally snap a picture, create a card, and send it out to a single or multiple recipients in your address book within a matter of a few minutes. There’s also a selection of borders you can use just to dress up a picture before emailing it.

The graphic design is decent, though not stellar, as the majority of color themes are black and white or red and simple smileys and stick figures are a recurring image. There are a few more colorful varieties and a few with images that are less “cartoony,” but the majority of the designs still achieve the desired result of a simple greeting.

Creating and sending the cards within helloCards is quick and easy. Recipients receive their card in HTML format for easy display. I found that while recipients could view cards easily on their computers, some recipients with iPhones were not seeing the images while others were — an issue I suspect has more to do with email settings on their end than with the delivery method.

For the price, helloCards is a terrific application to have on hand for quick and easy sharing of photos, greetings, and just staying in touch. helloCards would prove especially useful for new parents with the included baby announcements and coupled with a productivity app that reminds you of special occasions, you could easily acknowledge all the people on your card list while on the go.

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  • http://MyiPhone Reagan

    I love the electronic frames there funny cute and you can send your love one something. Special. I will keep on using them its fun 5 stars. Thanks reagan