HenHouse: Count Attack Will Exercise Your Bird Brain

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henhouse iphone appHenHouse: Count Attack is another iPhone game designed to prey on the inexplicable human fondness for chickens. The goal of Paprika Lab’s HenHouse is to tap the eggs in numerical order, from one to one hundred, freeing the chicks from their shells.

HenHouse is harder than it looks. You would think it would be easy to tap on numbers in numerical order. Simple in theory, yes. Easy in reality, no. HenHouse: Count Attack does seem to exercise a typically unused part of the brain. My mind was not so willing to cooperate with this hand-brain coordination game. My friend fared better than I did against the clock, playing more than a dozen times in a row in an attempt to unseat me from the top ten scoreboard. She has not come back to the game since, however. Though it is surprisingly and pleasantly challenging, HenHouse is not the kind of game that is exciting or edgy enough to keep your attention for too long.

Before you start playing HenHouse, make sure you turn the sound down a bit. As they are hatched from their shells, the chicks chirp sharply, in a manner that pierces your eardrums. The sounds are loud and grating enough that they scared the pants off both the cat and dog when I started playing HenHouse on my living room couch.

HenHouse makes good on its promise to stimulate your brain and your reflexes. I cannot say that I had more alpha waves when I was done than before I started playing, and I did not find that HenHouse’s random proverbial quotes took my mind off things when I paused the game. I did like trying to race the clock, to beat my own (and my friend’s) scores and to see how many eggs in a row I could tap without confused hesitation. HenHouse: Count Attack has earned a spot on my iPhone. Chirp!

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This app is not currently available in the App Store.

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  • http://paprikalab.com John

    Thank you for the review and feedback! :)
    I agree with most of your comments, and I believe we'd have to work harder on making our products better.

    btw, the current world no.1's record is 37 seconds. insane.

  • Chihwan

    John i love this game