Here Say Desperately Needs Some Early Adopters

This app is not currently available in the App Store.

Here Say is a self-proclaimed “augmented reality” app whose goal is to build a community around the act of posting pictures. The developer freely admits the app is still in Beta, but read his description in the App Store and it's obvious Design-PT has big goals.

The basic premise behind Here Say is this – you are at a place, say a concert, and you take a picture of the stage through the Here Say iPhone app. You post the picture to the community and attach a comment to it.

In theory, other people will pull out their iPhone (with Here Say installed) and use the built in geo-location feature to find nearby posts and add comments to them. Conceptually it is a noble idea and in terms of the actual application, it is clean, well designed and works.

Unfortunately at this point, Here Say suffers from the same feasibility problems as any other fresh-from-the-oven social media app. The fact of the matter is that any geo-location app built around the act of posting pictures is 100% reliant on its ability to create a vibrant community and Here Say, in its current iteration, does not have the gusto.

That being said, if I were the developer, I would immediately integrate Facebook Connect and the ability to tag people in posts (viral marketing steroids). Next, I would work on a better “augmented reality” interface – the current one is simply a picture with the comment on top.

Then I would start to market the hell out of this badboy to yuppies in urban areas, pray to the gods that Facebook does not add geo-location anytime soon and in no time this Appcraver 6 could be a 9.

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This app is not currently available in the App Store.

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