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This app is not currently available in the App Store.

HeyCheckPhotography enthusiasts can certainly enjoy a wealth of photo sharing and editing apps for iPhone, but in my opinion, some of the best ones are free. And in that grain, HeyCheck is a free photo editor that lets users apply different filters and effects to photos they’ve captured and create fun post-card like images. HeyCheck also integrates with Instagram and Facebook to make capturing, accessing and editing photos from these sources fairly quick and simple. Users can also enjoy access to other HeyCheck users’ popular photos, receive feedback and view comments on all photos.

HeyCheck users have the option to access photos by logging into Instagram or Facebook, access photos from the camera roll or take a photo within the HeyCheck app. Photos can be edited by applying different effects, filters, borders and brief captions. Edited photos can then be shared by tapping on the “share” button, which gives the option to save the edited version in the camera roll, share on Facebook or email. Email addresses need to be configured and can be accessed via the address book or manually entered.

Many of the photo effects and filters available in HeyCheck are tried and true, such as black and white, sepia and retro. There are about a dozen different lighting options and effects, including paper, leather and water, as well as several different post card borders to apply. There are a few additional effects options that have to be purchased, the coolest of which by far is the “sketch” option, which renders pictures in the appearance of a hand-sketched image rather than a photo. All together, there are four or five different effect options that can be purchased separately for .99 each. However, the effects and options available by default are sufficient.

HeyCheck’s integration with Facebook and Instagram is fairly seamless. The app isn’t overtly intuitive, but can be navigated fairly easily once you familiarize yourself with it. Photos you capture, either from Facebook, Instagram or the device camera are saved “on deck” until they’re shared. Once you’ve shared a photo, the photo is added to your HeyCheck profile for others to see.

The social media aspect of HeyCheck isn’t necessarily groundbreaking or even appealing in a world where everybody follows everybody else’s every move from half a dozen apps, but frankly, some of the pictures on HeyCheck are just downright clever. It isn’t necessary to “follow” people to see the “popular” photos and these can be viewed in thumbnail display or threaded out to view comments if desired.

All in all, HeyCheck is a fun app for photos. Acquiring, editing and sharing photos (including friends’ photos) is fairly quick and simple. Though designed for social photographers – novice and expert alike – users aren’t required to have a Facebook or Instagram account to use HeyCheck, so don’t worry if you’re the private type. You can just as easily access photos from your camera or library, apply edits and save them or share via email.

For a free photo editing and sharing app, HeyCheck is relatively flawless. Given a bit of time to explore the overall interface and navigation, just about anyone could use it. And the best part? It’s free!

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This app is not currently available in the App Store.

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