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Hide a Caller
Developer: Smash Software, LLC
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hide a caller iphoneI get it. Sometimes people need to be discreet when it comes to the contacts in their iPhones. Hide-a-Caller delivers what it promises: fake aliases for the names you want to hide.

Hide-a-Caller from Smash Software is great in theory, and it is free. It is a password-protected app, so only you can see the real names of your re-named contacts. I used it to hide a bunch of names in my iPhone contacts, and let it pick the new names for me. The default was set to boy names, so I switched the auto-create to use female names.

The names that Hide-A-Caller came up with were primarily Hispanic and Asian, so I needed to do some individual adjusting in order to fool someone who might be nosing through my iPhone. Hide-A-Caller Pro ($1.99) allows you to specify your preferred ethnicity in auto-create mode.

This issue raises a good question, though. If you are going to have to adjust the names anyway, why not just change them yourself in your contact book? Do you really need a program to do it for you? If you are hiding a whole pile of people, then maybe Hide-A-Caller can minimize your labor. I let Hide-A-Caller change the names for me but realized later the original photos that were attached to my contacts were still visible. Oops! Caught in the act!

Hide-a-Caller masks the names of contacts in your contact list, SMS, incoming calls and call history. It works as advertised. Perhaps Hide-A-Caller could have saved Eliot Spitzer's career. You need to decide if you want to use Hide-A-Caller or if you just want to make the name changes yourself. And if you have to think that hard about it, get out of that relationship, girl/dude! If you are sneaking around all the time, it probably ain’t worth it.

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