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Hint Sprint -The Rhyming Word Game!
Developer: Sobits
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Hint Sprint iphone appIf you’re a fan of the Jeopardy TV quiz show, you might get a kick out of Hint Sprint, from developer Sobits.

The app feeds you two or more word clues and you have to find two related words that rhyme. For example, if the hint is "chuckle chart," the correct answer is "laugh graph." If the hint is “Actress  Jane’s car,”  the answer is “Fonda’s Hondas.”

You have 30 seconds to figure out the answer before losing the round.

There are three modes – Easy, Hard and Medium. As you should anticipate, the clues are harder and the word responses are longer as you climb the challenge ladder. The answer to “Having to do with sea travel,” is “Entailing sailing,” in Hard mode, for example. The two examples I gave you earlier came from the Easy mode.

Hint Sprint is fun for a while but it may not be compelling enough to stay occupied for more than 5 to 10 minutes at a stretch. It’s really not that difficult. Easy is too easy; medium is too medium; and Hard won't be hard enough for many folks.

The questions-answers combos are along the same line of difficulty as what you might encounter in the first round of Jeopardy, where you would have $200 to $1,000 on the line and you rack up dollars more with speed, than with brainpower.

Scoring is based on how quickly you solve the puzzle and whether you decide to tap the Hint button to get help. There’s a honking horn to alert you when time is running out and other sound effects when you tap Hint or blow the game entirely.

Hint Sprint just didn’t float my boat. It's probably good for beginners, but wordsmiths with more experience will likely want a greater challenge.

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  • JKT

    "Rhyme Time" is my least favorite of all the Jeopardy categories, so this is unlikely to be a hit with those like me who "blip" their TiVo over that segment of the show.

    Oh, and as for the clue on the screenshot of the article....a (wider) spider is not an insect. That kind of basic mistake drives me nuts. I think your rating of '7' was generous.