HippoRemote Turns iPhone into Multitouch Mouse

HippoRemote Pro ~ Wireless Keyboard, Mouse, Remote Control & Gamepad (AppStore Link)
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HippoRemote Pro ~ Wireless Keyboard, Mouse, Remote Control & Gamepad
Developer: RoboHippo LLC
Price: $4.99 Download on the App Store

hipporemote-iphoneHippoRemote Pro is a great alternative for controlling your computer instead of the usual mouse and keyboard. While there are plenty of other options in the App Store that offer this functionality, HippoRemote Pro is by far and above the best.

What makes HippoRemote Pro unique is a series of profiles that contain shortcuts to key features. For example if you are a Windows 7 user there is one-tap access to the Start menu. Mac OS users can quickly hit the Exposé button. Popular browsers such as Chrome and Safari also have their own shortcuts. This option is also customizable based on the commands that you find yourself mostly using.

The multi-touch trackpad is great to use and is designed well for tasks like browsing or clicking through a media application such as iTunes. A keyboard button fires up the iPhone's keyboard for typing, which makes it especially useful when searching online.

The Pro version of the app also contains a browser and Twitter access. They may seem a bit out of place here, but it certainly makes it more convenient to quickly check another site or Twitter without leaving the HippoRemote app.

The mouse function felt very natural, and those with multi-touch trackpads will already be familiar with two-finger scrolling and other common commands. There were a few occasions when the response was slightly off, but it was pretty rare. All told Hipporemote Pro offers a very solid experience. One cool feature is the ability to bring up a list of commands such as opening Twitter or closing the application by shaking the phone.

Using this as a mouse replacement is not recommended, as HippoRemote Pro on the iPhone means dealing with a limited amount of screen real estate for functions like right clicking. However, if doing casual browsing or running a PC or Mac as a media center HippoRemote would be an excellent way to control the device.

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  • Everybodyelse

    It has too much lag. Only good for the buttons, and making remotes yourself is too complicated. Use snatch or airmouse

  • agus budiyanto

    i just downloaded this app this afternoon and IT WORKS NICELY. the lite version is already great, but the pro version surely has more nice features

  • Bminus

    this app is by far the best remote app... it comes with like 60+ standard app remote profiles out of the box; you can custom create your own if need be (i have created one or two, myself), syncs your remote profiles with dropbox, etc...

    the lite version is "too" lite. it makes it look decent enough to buy, but when you get the full version, you'll realize that "wow"... this can do a lot more than it originally seemed like it could in the free app. just be sure to check out all the features available in the full version on their website... they go through the list pretty good.

    too much lag = not at all, you must have a slow network or something...

    making remotes yourself is too complicated = if you consider drag and drop interface "too complicated"

    i like snatch... i use it when i can... oh. is that an app? airmouse?? you obviously have NOT thoroughly explored the possibilities with this program (such as creating MACROS, where you can build any chain of commands, any key on the keyboard, any mouse click, any special keys or functions like [VOLUMEUP]/[VOLUMEDOWN].

    if you can do it with a keyboard and a mouse, you can emulate it with this program, because it can emulate keys or key combos using Function keys, directional arrows, right/middle/left click, ad infinium.

    agus budiyanto had a much better summary. (he may be intelligent and not scared away by things like expandable/customizable apps that allow you to create new functionality that may not have ever inherently existed in the program until you made it happen!)

    and this isn't even my favorite app. i just know when developers have put a lot of thought and planning into an app to produce something of quality instead of stupid a-- fart programs.

    hipporemote.com, booya!