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Holidays+ (was sdHolidays) (AppStore Link)
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Holidays+ (was sdHolidays)
Developer: SchroederDev LLC
Price: $1.99 Download on the App Store

holidays+ iphoneGone are the days when you have to highlight the holidays on a desk calendar in your office or a wall calendar in your kitchen just to remember them. Holidays+ is a utility application that comes to the App Store courtesy of Schroeder Development.

The app tracks the dates of the 20 most popular holiday events throughout the year. Holidays+ displays the information using the date dial.

Rotate the adjustable dial by holiday and by the year to change the display at the top of the screen. The screen will now show the amount of days since the last time the holiday occurred or the number of days until it occurs again. Also included is the day of the week and year. Holiday+ also includes the option to change your settings to include Jewish and Christian holidays.

Holidays+ is user friendly. It’s straight forward and easy to use. Visually it’s pretty standard in appearance with its charcoal black and steel grey colors. The graphics are consistent with current iPhone graphics in the calendar and clock apps.

It would be nice if the application synced with programs like MsOutook, Google Calendar, or MobileMe. Holidays+ does allow you to add five custom dates but in a world of birthdays, graduations, baptisms and wedding anniversaries this feels somewhat limited. State holidays and school breaks would be a welcome addition, too.

Everything is easy to see but placing the holidays in chronological order would be a good next step. The app is simple to use, but changing settings can feel a tad cumbersome. In order to change the settings the user must leave the app and make changes in the iPhone settings. Then reopen the app again to confirm the changes have been made.

Also, missing was an alert function. There is no audible alert or vibrating mechanism in place to notify users of the special occasion. This seems like it would be a particularly important feature especially since you're given the option to add customizable dates.

Holidays+ can be incredibly useful — consider our shock at finding out there’s only 45 days left until Christmas! Thanks to this handy app, we may still have time shop for our friends after all.

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  • Roxy22

    So it's just a list of dates with countdowns and no alerts? I guess that's useful but come on, adding an alert feature is a must.

  • DominoFect

    I can't wait for them to make an app that takes care of all this ones' shortcomings. Its a great idea, but just not developed enough yet!

  • MelissaHop3367

    It's great that you can save your own holidays in this app. That's a clutch option