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Holy Wars Game for iPhoneIf a chat about politics, love, the meaning of life is what you’re in the mood for, then Holy Wars just might be the app for you. Download Holy Wars and you’re instantly plugged into a virtual world filled with questions on everything from the tough questions of life and morality (human cloning, euthanasia, God) to the mundane and silly (Batman vs Superman, How tall are you?, and MySpace vs Facebook).

Holy Wars allows users to not only log on but participate in these global surveys. They’re called global because anyone who downloads the app around the world may respond. You may post your own questions but you’ll have to answer 21 questions from other categories first.

Holy Wars is easy to use and pretty straight forward. The visual interface of the application is clean and smooth looking. Choose your response to the question and the 3D globe lights up in different colors to represent how users have voted in different parts of the world. Tapping the globe allows you to spin it and there is also a limited ability to zoom in. It's neat to see how different countries match up. I'd love to be able to zoom in further, like to the city level, to see how users in my immediate vicinity are voting.

For a game that encourages users to participate in a global discussion, Holy Wars doesn’t offer much opportunity for interaction. I'd like to really start a flame war by leaving comments or having discussion forums.

Overall, if you like taking polls, seeing how others voted or exploring statistics, then Holy Wars is a fun way to sate your curiosity. It will be interesting to see how Holy Wars (the iPhone app) evolves over time. There is a fair amount of potential in this app, but it could devolve into little more than a series of MySpace polls and queries. It's too soon to tell. For now, it's earned a place on my phone.

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  • Alex

    Great software! But I've noticed that I was capable to post my own question when I had answered 10 questions from other categories.