Hottie Hookups Brings Out the Bouncer In You

Hottie Hookups (AppStore Link)
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Hottie Hookups
Developer: BigStack Studios Inc.
Price: $0.99 Download on the App Store

Hootie-Hookups With its quirky and politically incorrect humor, Hottie Hookups seems to come right off the pages of Mad magazine.  This is a zany game that combines elements of time management and castle defense strategies in a way that is refreshingly unique.

Think of yourself as the bouncer in a nightclub whose job is to protect the beautiful people and clear the dance floor of nerds, and you’ll immediately get what this game is all about.

Your job is to connect male and female hotties (gay hookups are not allowed) by drawing lines from one to the other. Wait until the hotties get their groove on and then send them off in taxi cabs. That’s how you score. (In the game, not with one of the hotties).

While your hotties are disco burning, nerds swarm out from the screen’s edges also hoping to get in on the boogie action. Hotties, in this game, as in real life, can only take so much nerdism before they quit the club and go someplace else, presumably with more fashionable people.

The way to get rid of the nerds is by finger-flicking, rolling and shaking them off the dance floors in trendy places like Vancouver and Ibiza.

Hottie Hookups’ graphics are just plain fun to look at. The buff guys and the curvaceous gals have movie star looks. The nerds range from goofy hicks to cougars well past their prime, yet are endearing in their own way.

If the app’s club music soundtrack becomes too tedious, you have the option of listening to your own tunes stored from your iPod app.

Hottie Hookups was developed by Blue Unit Studios and published by BigStack Studios. The devs at Blue Unit Studios are also the minds behind the popular Sally’s Salon and Sally’s Spa time management game apps.

Hottie Hookups features OpenFeint, a social networking and community platform that has been showing up in more and more games. Open Feint makes it possible for indie developers to include leaderboards, in-game trophies, avatars, chat among other features to their apps.

Hottie Hookups is currently only $0.99,  giving you quite a bit of boogieing for your buck. There’s also a free Lite version.

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