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HottrixPhone PRO
Developer: Hottrix
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Hottrix, makers of iBeer, iMilk and iMunchies, offer HottrixPhone Pro as their contribution to the fake call trend among iPhone users.  Unlike other apps of this category, HottrixPhone Pro provides some options that make the fake calls more believable and the announced update should further the app's features.

This fake call generator comes with four existing fake contacts and lets the user add contact names from the iPhone's address book to add to a playlist. This list can be edited, allowing the user to turn callers on or off and to change the order of the playlist. 

The user can choose from five pre-recorded voices, which will speak once the call is answered.  For anyone with questionable acting skills this feature sounds like the perfect solution to the problem that most other fake call apps have, i.e. that you have to talk to yourself to make the distraction believable.

But while this idea is great, the development of this feature does not work well. The volume of the voices cannot be adjusted, which means that every fake call has to be answered on speaker phone. Given that the whole idea of HottrixPhone Pro is to lie to the person next to you, this seems like a fairly odd choice, especially since the fake voice starts talking gibberish after the first sentence. Hottrix announced that the next update (2.1) will include the option of recording your own voices, which would make this feature a lot more believable.

Unlike most other fake call generators, HottrixPhone Pro allows the user to receive not only one fake call but numerous ones from the customizable playlist. So if you are in a tough spot and need more than one good reason to bail, this app will be just what you are looking for. Furthermore HottrixPhone Pro uses actual iPhone ringtones, which adds to the credibility of the call.

After setting the playlist, HottrixPhone Pro shows the iPhone's actual screen saver with the correct time and date. The font of the caller's name looks slightly different than the true iPhone font, adding some risk to using this app on other iPhone owners.

Compared to other fake call apps, HottrixPhone Pro gets brownie points for utilizing actual iPhone ringtones but there are some features that need to work better, first and foremost the voices and their volume.

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    How bout 170 fake calls?! whats the difference?