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House of Shadows
Developer: The Electric Toy Company LLC
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House of Shadows for iOSSure, Halloween is over, but that doesn't mean you can't throw your costume on, break out the candy bars and play a few levels of House of Shadows. It has a "every horror movie every made" feel to it as your little sister (or any unsuspecting character) has gone off the beaten path and now finds herself smack dab in the middle of a haunted house. And it's up to you to find her and bring her back safely.

House of Shadows gameplay is quite fun and actually isn't too scary so the young crowd can enjoy this hide and sneak strategy game. As we've learned, the point of the game is to find your sister and bring her out safely. Each level has different obstacles, monsters and ghosts to maneuver around on your way to finding her. It's just easy enough that the little ones will have fun, but just challenging enough that the older crowd will enjoy as well ... but hardcore strategy gamers might breeze through this one a tad too quickly. 

What I really like about House of Shadows are the visuals. From glowing torches all the way down to life like shadows morphing in real time, they are very well done and add a very welcomed element to the overall gameplay.

There is plenty of action too as the app features 60 levels of spooky fun full of silly monsters, awesome soundtrack and just a lot of fun. One App Store review pointed out that each room has it's own name and that they thought that was a nice touch. I'd have to agree and applaud the developer for putting that extra bit of effort into taking it from just another game on the App Store to a very thoughtfully planned out experience.

I even played along with my daughter, who is a bit younger than the recommended age for this app, as I wanted to test it against tiny fingers and young curiosity. She loved it. I had to help her a lot with maneuvering, but it was a great experience to share with her. She kept trying to touch the lights and shadows.

If you're new to the hide and sneak genre or have a young one in the family that you're introducing to games, House of Shadows is a brilliant spooky experience that is fun for the entire family. Even the veteran might have a bit of fun with this one too.

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    This looks like a game my daughter is going to love. Thanks for the advice on this one. :]