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Houzz Interior Design Ideas
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New year, new room - nothing invokes the redecorating spirit more than a new year and a desire to beat the winter blahs. For those who are short on design ideas and in need of some inspiration to get this year’s room re-do underway, Houzz Interior Design Ideas is ideal. Amazingly comprehensive for a free, non-ad supported app, Houzz has thousands of decorating and design ideas for every room of the house and then some.

Users can sort photos by room or area, ranging from bedroom and bathroom to kitchen, landscaping, media room, or porch. Further narrow selections by design style – modern, traditional, eclectic, contemporary, etc. – or by metro area. Whether you’re looking for what’s hot in New York, Los Angeles, New Orleans, or even London or Hong Kong, Houzz Interior Design Ideas has got you covered. There are other useful features built in including idea books and the ability to save and share ideas.

In terms of available pictures for inspiring ideas, Houzz Interior Design Ideas is as comprehensive as any decorating book or magazine. The ability to sort by room, style or metro area is useful for narrowing down ideas that will work for your individual space or style. Browsing is easy and viewing can be done by scrolling through thumbnail images or swiping through full size versions. Users who create a full account can save any pictures to their idea book to compile a more personalized design and decorating plan.

The included design idea books are pretty comprehensive too, but none of them loaded during my trial run. Even after registering, attempting to access the books merely results in app shut down. The remaining features work flawlessly and while the concept of browsing these books is immensely appealing, browsing the included images still whets the interior design appetite.

For a free app, Houzz Interior Design Ideas is great. It’s easy to use, has some amazing professional design ideas and is quite inspirational from a decorating perspective. Whether you’re looking for ideas for small projects or large ones, spend some time with Houzz and get inspired.

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