Human Weather is Odd Mix of Weather and Social Networking

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human weather iphone appHuman Weather - Weather apps are a popular download for the iPhone and why wouldn’t they be? It’s pretty convenient to get a quick glance at the day’s weather or tomorrow’s forecast when and where you want it. I personally prefer Weather Bug, which gives me the quick rundown of what I want to know for my area. However, Human Weather is a weather app that puts a bit of a spin on the current weather by incorporating social aspects. Developed by Maplewoods Associates, Ltd., makers of several iPhone apps including Connect, Human Weather features the current weather as well as Twitter users’ comments on it.

I suppose that a social weather app makes a bit of sense from the perspective of talking about the weather, since that is frequently the subject of the most casual conversations. Yet it’s the one aspect of Human Weather that appeals to me the least. Nevertheless, Human Weather will give those who like to view comments from other people something to do besides check the weather.

Human Weather uses GPS location to give users the current weather in their area as well as the forecasted weather for four days. Of course, it’s difficult to say how frequently it is updated or in what means, as on Monday morning, the first day of my four-day forecast was Sunday. Curious — I could already tell you yesterday’s weather without that. However, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday’s weather forecast was inline with the local news.

In addition to current weather conditions and a combination re-cap/forecast, you can also see “Real Feel” comments from other people in your area. Like some users, I have not been able to figure out how to post a comment of my own. It certainly isn’t obvious and I can’t see anywhere that would enable this feature directly from Human Weather. You can log in to your Twitter account by viewing an expanded comment, but I’m not sure what you do from there. I believe you might need to join the Human Weather community from somewhere, but certainly not from the app itself. This might frustrate some users since the premise of Human Weather is social and it’s not a user-friendly aspect.

Additionally, the comments I received in my area were a mix of relevant and non-relevant comments. The comments are no more than 24 hours old and I found one from my local paper, a meteorologist on a local news station, and then a bunch of random comments like “leaving work early to enjoy the weather,” or “feeling under the weather.” I think it might somehow search out keywords (like weather) in posts and automatically assume relevance. Regardless, if social networking about the weather is somehow of interest to you, perhaps you can figure out the end-user confusion for making your own posts.

Another feature of Human Weather that completely baffles me is the “clothing advisory.” You are supposedly viewing what other people are wearing. Why would anyone care? Not to mention, how useful is it to know that beezleBub21 isn’t wearing a belt with his pants today? (And yes, I viewed a comment almost verbatim to that, which filed itself under “belt” and “pants.”) That’s just weird.

In the end, Human Weather is an under-a-dollar purchase that does give you current weather conditions as well as forecasted ones. You can use the search function to search out weather in other locations as well, so it serves the purpose of a quick weather check. There are no dopplar radars for those of you who like to view the bigger picture, but for those who like to read random comments and get wardrobe updates from other users while checking the day’s weather, it’s a one-of-kind app for that.

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This app is not currently available in the App Store.

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