Hyperspace Lite - Too Easy


Are you the kind of guy who doesn’t enjoy having to work for a living? The type of person who would be better suited to having the food shoveled into his mouth than having to pick up the fork himself?

If you are this guy you should definitely be playing Hyperspace Lite.

This could have been a fun game. I mean, the graphics are good, the sound is decent and the background is nice. The controls are pretty solid (just touch the square) and the touch pad picks up exactly where you are touching on the screen (be surprised if that is a positive trait if you will but some other games I’ve tried don’t even work correctly!)

I have one caveat – the game is just too easy!

I mean, I was on level 1, playing away when I was suddenly pushed up a level. I though, “I can handle this, I bet level 3 is the killer.” Level 3 came around and it was about the same difficulty. Eventually I made it up to level 12, which was only slightly harder than level 1, and the game abruptly ended saying, “Thank you for playing Hyperspace Lite”.

The game then asked me to enter my info so they can track me against others in the world. Usually this is a good feature, but for this game I can’t help but wonder who hasn’t gotten 100% of the squares all the way up to the easy level 12.

This one is a no challenge and thus no fun.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Joe, according to the description, this is a game that is "great for ages 1 to 6" and is a great way to "keep the kids quiet in the car." If I ever need to keep you quiet in a car, I guess I'll have to go with the ether.

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  • Joe Niemiec

    LOL! - we'll I dominated it. I am pretty sure I could beat any 6 year old at this sucka. BRING IT ON THE 6 YEAR OLDS!