i-c-LiveCams (IP/PTZ Webcam Streaming Video)

This app is not currently available in the App Store.

i-c-livecams iphone web camApps such as i-c-LiveCams (IP/PTZ Webcam Streaming Video) from Barry Egerter appeal to the voyeurs in all of us.

This nifty little app enables anyone to view streaming video over Web cams —yours or someone else's — over any Wi-Fi and Internet connection.

You can also view snapshots over 3G and EDGE. (Apple's SDK doesn't allow for more than single frame rates on those networks.) i-c-LiveCams (IP/PTZ Webcam Streaming Video) automatically switches from streaming video to single frame rates when you move from Wi-Fi networks to 3G or EDGE networks.

You can monitor locations in streaming JPEG video and control the pan, tilt and zoom of Web cams with the capability such as Axis, Canon, D-Link, Edimax, Linksys, Mobotix, Panasonic, Sony, Toshiba, Trendnet, Vivotek, WebcamXP and Y-Cam Web cams. However, only Axis and Canon camera PLZ is supported by the app. Egerter says compatibility for the rest are on the way.

i-c-LiveCams (IP/PTZ Webcam Streaming Video) comes with the URLs for hundreds of public Web cams, which are stored on a server and regularly updated. If you've used apps like this one before (on your iPhone/iPod touch or on a desktop) then you're probably aware that it can be a pain to find good lists of public Web cams and when you do, you often have to enter their addresses manually, which can be tedious because most are long.

Public cams in i-c-LiveCams are sorted in categories to make them easier to find and manage: Beaches and Bikinis-PTZ, Animals, Most Popular-Some PTZ and so on.

Tap a category and you'll get views from cameras in six locations. Tap a view for a closer look and when available, to control the camera. I happened to click on Gulf Shores Alabama's Pink Pony Public Beach and found someone already controlling the camera. I had to wait a couple of minutes before I was able to wrest control of the Web cam mess with its zoom, pan and tilt functions.

I've looked at several Web cam apps such as iCam (Webcam Video Streaming), My Webcam and AtHome Camera. They're all quite similar. One significant difference is that i-c-LiveCams (IP/PTZ Webcam Streaming Video) is only $0.99, which makes it a bargain.

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This app is not currently available in the App Store.

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  • http://www.barryegerter.com Barry Egerter

    We are also now partnering with the developers of webcamXP so that we may offer full support for the webcamXP product line and a wide range of IP cameras and webcams. Every month we attempt to release new versions of the iPhone application and add support for new devices and protocols. Public cameras are added every week.

    As with every iPhone app, if you buy it you will receive free upgrades forever.

  • runCMD

    I love this app! - Of all the ip cam software on the app store - this one has the crappiest name, but the most logical UI of the bunch. I look forward to the next rev that hints at support for PTZ of my Toshiba IKWB-15a ... I love the world cams, bikini cams, monkey cams ... etc.
    best all around ip-cam product!

  • Shel Givens

    Great site ,
    Adding sites everyday.

  • http://www.alarmspro.com Frank Knapp

    GREAT APPLICATION.. does what is intended!
    Now for the real deal.. Mr. Egerter and crew provided us with the personal attention we often desire but never seem to get!

    THANK YOU, we are off to load a bunch of aircraft weather cams.

  • http://stayloded.com the ills

    i love this ap, ive set up a dlink camera in my business and view via this ap but sometimes it says unauthorized access. help?

  • john

    i have been using this app for a couple of days and all i can say is WOW i paid a lot more money for other webcam app-s that do less i love the part that lets you setup your own web cam and control the ptz
    very nice app

  • runCMD

    Update to my earlier post (June 6 2009) - now supports my Toshiba cam perfectly. Provides access to PTZ and all my presets :) Just awesome. Throw in that it's so inexpensive and you just have to pat this develope on the back for giving so much to the community.

  • Rich

    Great, another app that steals content from others. Do you think people just by camera and pay the dsl fees each month just so others can make money off the cameras.

  • RunCMD

    Rich - your comments really have nothing to do with this app. Sell bitter somewhere else.
    I just installed the update for iPad - and the presets for my security cams show up perfectly. Awesome app at a steal of a price for what you get.
    Just add ONE more thing - and it will be perfect. Allow me to control x10 along-side the presets and you will have reached nirvana.

    I wrote a web app thAt handles both tasks - allowing me to connect to the cam and turn the lights on so I can see in the carport. .... So, it can be done. :). Just something to think on

    Lovin' the app.

  • http://livecams.vinternete.com/ Jason

    Try new app World Live Cams for iPhone and iPad