i-Doodz Character Creator for Avatars

This app is not currently available in the App Store.

i-Doodz iphone appNoel Hartshorn and Dennis Harrison want you to have Doodz on your iPhone, it appears, which is presumably why they created i-Doodz.

i-Doodz is a highly customizable program that allows users to create characters (the aforementioned "doodz") that they can then save to their phones, use as wallpapers, or even send as e-cards.

The application offers a pretty wide array of options. Customizable values are background color, equipment, bodies, faces, hair, eye wear, footwear, head wear, tops, bottoms, outerwear and accessories, making the possibilities more or less unlimited.

All of the available features in i-Doodz are pretty cute; the characters have a funky, edgy kind of look, and there are tons of fun accessories and equipment, ranging from guitars and drum sets to palm trees, exercise machines, a VW bus, and a homey little kitchen table. You can even give your i-Doodz character an iPhone of his or her own, which is probably helpful if you're creating a self-Dood!

On the downside, although there are a number of different face options (20 of them, in fact) and hairstyles (I counted 20 of those as well), there's no option to customize those. So if you find the perfect hairstyle for your character, if only it were black instead of blond? There's no changing it. With any luck, future updates to the i-Doodz app will allow for further customization of those values.

Otherwise, no real problems with i-Doodz. It takes a few seconds for the Create mode to load up, but it's less than ten seconds, so it's not too offensive.

Overall, i-Doodz is a fun application. The art for the characters is really detailed and vivid, and I was happy with all of my creations.

Finally, a note of warning: there doesn't seem to be a way to re-open Doodz-in-progress, so if you plan on sending someone an e-card (which is only available with the full, paid version), make sure to verify your email address first, because otherwise you'll have to close the app and lose your work. (OK, calling it "work" may be a stretch.) Of course, you could certainly just save your character to your phone and send it through the iPhone's native email program.

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This app is not currently available in the App Store.

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  • http://www.i-doodz.com Noel Hartshorn

    Hey - thanks for the great review! Rest assured, the 2 features you highlighted as missing are in development, along with other themed versions of i-Doodz (maybe even something for the adults ;).

    (Btw we're considering removing the Lite version from iTunes as it doesn't seem to be doing much for the full version).

    (the developer)

  • Tracy Rodgers

    hi noel; thanks for stopping by! i really like i-doodz a lot, and i'm looking forward to future updates and apps from you guys.

  • Trowy Trowster

    Hey guys, I'm loving this new I-doodz application. I'ts been loads of fun creating cool looking characters. I love the illustration style. looking forward to the next release!!