i Sniper: First Person Shooter Misses The Mark

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While i Sniper can be fun at times it is way too rough and unpolished to be recommended. The controls are a bit awkward, the graphics are not great, and the storyline narrative needs a grammar check.

The premise of i Sniper is that you are, of course, a sniper who must take out some terrorist enemies. There is a brief tutorial to acclimate you to the controls available at the menu screen. While holding your iPhone/iPod Touch sideways you tap once to zoom in with the sniper scope, then use the accelerometer to position the enemy in your sights. Tap near the enemy to bring up the scope — tapping one more time gets you back to a long-range view. Tap the trigger button on the bottom right of the screen to fire. Moving around when in sniper mode works pretty well, although it is more difficult to move down toward a target if you are above it. Sometimes it was just quicker to change screen views and then reposition.

i Sniper begins with a rather poorly written storyline (for example, "Terrorist broke into the MASQ headquarter. They requested huge sum of ransom money). Even though the developers are international, it's not an excuse for putting out a poorly written product. Unfortunately, this is not the only problem with i Sniper. The graphics are just not that good — especially when getting a close-up of the buildings through the sniper scope. The terrorists also haphazardly appear on screen once you have shot several others. Adding some movement or some innocent civilians would make the game more of a challenge.

Each round begins with a timer that counts toward zero. Run out of time and the round is over. You add a few seconds to the timer each time you take out one of the terrorists. They do shoot back, and you have a limited number of lives to use before the game is over. But by moving quickly and finding the enemies in a reasonable time you will probably be successful.

There are some bright spots with i Sniper— blasting away at enemies can be quite fun. And the controls, although a bit ackward,  do work as intended. But i Sniper needs some work before it becomes worth the download. If you're not sure, I would definitely say try iSniper lite to get started.

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This app is not currently available in the App Store.

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