I Won't Fall is Optimistic but Wishful Thinking in New iPhone Game

This app is not currently available in the App Store.

I Won't Fall iPhoneA relentlessly determined momma bird is the star of a new, and as of yet, mostly unnoticed indie game release in the App Store. Aptly titled “I Won’t Fall,” this game is simple but nimble and features the determined efforts of one mother bird who must traverse dangerous sky-high terrain in order to reunite with her bereft baby birds. Players control the timing of momma bird’s horizontal navigation from block to block with a tap of the screen, but in most environments timing is everything.

I Won’t Fall features 45 levels of varying terrain and degrees of difficulty. Besides avoiding hopping to her death, momma bird must also avoid any obstacles that stand in the way of her safely reaching the baby birds. With a mix of fixed and moving objects, deft timing means tapping success. While momma bird has an infinite number of tries, it’s certainly heart wrenching to cause her to fail.

Each level of I Won’t Fall requires no more effort than tapping the screen at the appropriate time to make the bird jump to the next block, but the timing presents a challenge and an advantage. The quicker that players maneuver momma bird through the level, the more points are awarded at the end. Small bonus bubbles are available for upping the score value as well. Each level end is rewarded with a touching reunion between mom and baby.

Though at times it would be beneficial if momma bird could hop in other directions besides forwards, the forward-only rule is satisfying because of the simple yet challenging effort of continuing at steady pace. Even though certain terrains are more obstacle-ridden than others, the skill level required for play is simple enough to appeal to players of all ages and abilities. Never frantic, yet only as casual as you want it to be, slow and steady will clear the level every time. But rest assured, itchy tapping fingers will get the best of you and momma bird.

I Won’t Fall is a clever rendition of a classic Frogger-esque game with its own unique parameters and ideally designed for a touch screen platform. The graphics are subtle, but sweetly apropos and the background music and sound effects are equally suitable – leaving nothing out of place. With 45 levels, longevity is present and some replay value can be found in trying to achieve higher scores on previous levels. A definite hidden gem, I Won’t Fall is a gentle and pleasant game that has potential appeal to a wide audience.

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This app is not currently available in the App Store.

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