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iAllowance (Allowances, Chores & Rewards w/Sync) (AppStore Link)
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iAllowance (Allowances, Chores & Rewards w/Sync)
Developer: James Spencer
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iAllowanceParents looking for a viable system for tracking their children’s allowance, rewards or chores might want to check out iAllowance by Jump Gap Software. Available for iPhone and iPad, iAllowance has several tracking and editing features for managing data along with the ability to sync across multiple devices using Dropbox. iAllowance is not only a comprehensive app, but a relatively nice-looking one to boot. Any parent interested in a tech-savvy means of managing their kids’ allowance, chore chart and behavior reward system in an efficient way should definitely consider taking iAllowance for a test run.

The key features of iAllowance include the ability to customize data input to suit nearly any situation – making it ideal for households with multiple children of different ages. Parents can set up individual systems for each child, with multiple “banks,” rewards, allowances and chores. Parents can designate allowance and reward deposits according to a system that works for their household. iAllowance also allows for deposits of money or stars to be spread out over multiple “banks.” Essentially, parents can create an allowance and/or reward system that tracks money owed, stars earned or a combination of both.

In addition to tracking allowance and rewards, iAllowance also tracks chores. The chore chart can be customized to track payouts per event or the weekly total and also allows kids to access the chart and tap to check off completion of each one. Parental controls are built in to allow parents final approval of any transaction. Weekly reports can also be shared via email so that both parents and other caregivers can communicate the child’s efforts.

As comprehensive as iAllowance is, it takes a bit of time to set up each child’s account. It may also take a bit of thought in regards to how to best apply the features to the individual situation, but editing is simple and can be done on a child by child basis. Though the interface is fairly simple, it pays to watch the tutorial and video offered before first-time use. Syncing with a Dropbox account isn’t tricky, but users need to remember to close the app out. The settings menu is where Dropbox linking can be found along with the parental control settings and individual child lockout.

All in all, iAllowance is smart, thorough and clearly made with parents and kids in mind. Parents can choose to use only part or all of the features depending on how they run their household, making it relatively customizable and the tracking feature is designed to simplify things for parents, which it can easily do. Take the free version for a test spin before you buy, but keep in mind it’s a limited-feature version of the paid app.

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