iAmazing Optical Illusions App Will Have You Seeing Double

This app is not currently available in the App Store.

iamazing iphone appAppZap’s iAmazing will have you seeing double in only a minute or so and you might enjoy it for while. There’s not much to this app and once you’ve played around with iAmazing a few times, you’ll probably be done with it. It’s the “been there, done that” syndrome—or at least it was for me.

iAmazing consists of 19 optical illusions called stereograms. If you stare at a stereogram, a two-dimensional (flat, in other words) image in the right way for about 20 seconds, you’ll begin to see what appears to be a three-dimensional image.

Here’s an analogy most people can relate to: When you’re at a concert, you’re aware that you’re ears are picking up sounds from different directions (stereo) but your mind puts it together. The principle for a stereogram is the same. Identical images are placed closely side by side and if focus your eyes in just the right way, your mind will put the images together, creating a three-dimensional effect.

AppZap’s iAmazing has 19 of these images, all accessible from the launch screen. Tap a thumbnail of an image and it will fill the screen. Now, put your iPhone or iPod touch’s screen close to your eye — the image will be blurry but don’t start focusing your eyes just yet.

Visualize that you are staring through the screen and with that thought in mind, slowly move the screen away from your eyes. Gradually, a 3D image will appear. Once you’ve gotten the process right once or twice, you'll be able to view the rest of the images with little effort. I found it easier to view the image without my glasses. The main thing is not to try to hard—relax.

After opening the first image in iAmazing, you can move between images with a finger swipe. A single tap takes you back to the launch screen where you can choose another image. Some of the thumbnails do not accurately represent the larger image, so you might as well use a finger swipe to see what’s really there.

Image Gallery:

This app is not currently available in the App Store.

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