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IAmHappy App for iPhoneIf you believe in the power of positive thinking, your daily inspiration may now be more than just a small pocket book of quotes. iAmHappy is a new lifestyle app that aims to keep you in high spirits.

iAmHappy has over 500 positive affirmations along with more than 100 relaxing images and backgrounds for your iPhone or iPod touch.

Open up the application and you choose from three modes to review your inspiration sayings. The Serendipity button randomly shows you an affirmation or motivational quote if you tap it. The Category button shows you a list of positive affirmations by topics. And, the View All button which shows a complete list of all the affirmations. 

The graphics in iAmHappy are simple, pastel-colored cartoons with skies, clouds and abstract elements that are reminiscent of the backgrounds that come with the Windows Operating System. They may not appeal to everybody, but they are better than what we've seen in some apps in this price range.

Noticeably, missing from an application that’s supposed to be the mobile inspirational app for the soul on the go is music. It feels a little empty without sound. Although I guess it provides a quiet space to repeat the positive affirmations to yourself, it would be nice if music were an option with an easily accessible on/off toggle.

iAmHappy makes it easy to find and share positive thoughts. If you shake the phone you’ll get a new motivational saying. If you swipe in any direction you’ll also get a new random affirmation. The developer includes an email button so that you can share your good messages with others. There is also an information button with links to motivational articles on the developer's Website.

Overall, iAmHappy is a pretty decent app. It does what it claims to do, but we want more. With 500 positive affirmations, the ability to favorite specific affirmations would make the app more interactive. As would the ability to use our own photos for the background.

iAmHappy is Aqyr.com's debut app. They already have great content for their genre, it'll be interesting to see if the app becomes more robust as they move forward.

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  • http://www.happiestever.com Kiruba

    It seem like iAmHappy could be a special goody for iPhone and iPod touch users. 500 positive affirmation are definitely great treasures in our day to day life. But I only have one small enquiry. Are these affirmations applicable to everyone? I remember reading recently that one person's affirmation can be another person's denial. Even though I have used affirmative thoughts in my lifw, I am no guru or expert in affirmation. Can you explain elaborate/explain for the benefit of potential users.