The Only Thing You'll Get is an iBeer Hangover

iBeer Pro - Drink beer on your iPhone (AppStore Link)
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iBeer Pro - Drink beer on your iPhone
Developer: Hottrix
Price: $0.99 Download on the App Store

iBeer is a virtual beer application that allows you to "virtually" drink a beer by tipping your iPhone sideways.

To start the application you press a large red button. What this has to do with drinking beer is not clear. In any case, on to the important part - drinking.

Once the button is pressed you are presented with your virtual beer. The default settings have the beer making a loud gurgling noise not unlike the sound of a small animal drowning. You tip the iPhone, causing the beer level to decrease. When the beer is gone, the screen fades out, you hear a loud burp, and you're presented again with the mysterious red button.

One has to admire the stones of iPhone developer Hottrix for charging $2.99 for what amounts to 30 seconds of cheap novelty value, if that. I imagine that there are a lot of 15-year-old boys out there getting their chuckles from this app (HA HA I'M VIRTUALLY DRINKING A BEER!) but if you don't fit that particular demographic, avoid. If they come out with iScotch, maybe I'll reconsider.

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  • brian1970

    Hottrix may charge $2.99 for iBeer, but there are cheaper thrills out there. I have a Carling iPint app that lets me pour a virtual glass of beer for free. It also features a free game, in which you tilt to navigate a pint across a slippery bar and into the waiting hands of a grateful, thirsty patron (don't break the glass!).

    You can also pour out a free 40 for your homies, with's "pour1out" app.

  • Steve

    i dont usually chime in on these things, but iBeer is old school - I just downloaded iChampagne and as far as these drinking apps go - this one is pretty cool! Especially because it allows you to pour into another iPhone.

    Sounds like it is throwin down some beats from the ATL too. I still am trying to get a possy together to pour into all their glasses at the same time and crunk it up.

    Check it iChampagne-