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ibowl - iphone appsUpon opening iBowl a warning on the instructions page reads: "Before playing, make sure objects and people are out of the way." This message is a first hint at how much fun this game is.

Brought to the iPhone by large game developer Social Gaming Network (SGN), makers of iGolf, iBowl delivers. The way iBowl works is fairly simple—using the touch screen you position the bowling ball as desired, press the "Bowl" button in the middle of the screen and then you swing your iPhone like a real bowling ball and release the button to shoot. Playing iBowl might look a little funny to the unknowing onlooker but it is a blast for the person playing.

The sound of the pins dropping gives it a bit of the bowling alley feel but the sound of the ball rolling would make it even better—maybe in the next iBowl update. One other thing that iBowl does not provide is the option to curve the ball. Otherwise the interaction using the accelerometer is truly great and so much fun that the thought of an iPhone leash comes to mind, keeping the phone safe when overly ambitious players might send it flying.

In its interaction not dissimilar to Wii, iBowl is pure fun and another strike for developer SGN.

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  • TheRealGomez

    Looks like a great app..only problem I can see is someone accidentally throwing the iPhone and breaking it. And we all know what happens since Apple doesn't cover accidental damage.

  • Neal H

    I agree they need to have some sort of strap like the wii has, that way it won't leave your hands.

  • neverbabs

    The sound is so much fun. I love to hear the pins fall!

  • prettiebitchh

    Its alright, but what if the ipod/iphone slips right out of your hands? That would suck and the phone/ipod would break.